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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HOPELESS over the weekend! - A Book Review

I was contemplating on committing suicide these past days NOT because I'm depressed or anything but rather due to extreme boredom! HAHAHA Kidding. It's been five days since my last social media interaction due to unpaid internet bill. Then again, still a non-capable, 18-year-old dependent on everyone around me, I'm left with no choice but to wait for whoever-is-paying-this-shit to settle the account while drowning in my own pool of misery brought about by this technology-conquered generation. I dont even have a working television here to entertain me and my mother so far, hasn't shown interest in buying a new one or in having someone fix it for us. And in all rotten luck, I couldn't contact any of my friends for a hang out since I don't have a phone any longer for months now. Buying a new phone is out of the question for the mean time because I know for a fact that I'll only end up breaking it or misplacing it or have someone snatch it. I only rely on Facebook for all contacts. Can you imagine 5 days without all of these? If not, well it was awful. I was left to do nothing but read. I finished two entire books in just two days which I highly doubt I'd do had Internet connection's available.

These two books that got me through two days of torture are HOPELESS and LOSING HOPE by Colleen Hover. I super lurveee these books! I find it hard to start puting into words every good thing about these because there's  too much but I'll try.

Colleen Hoover is an incredible romance writer. Actually, I have made her my new official fave author just minutes ago. Hopeless, the first book is one intriguing and gripping novel I couldn't find it in me to put it down. Every page is a masterpiece. It sent me to this overwhelming emotional roller coaster ride that left me breathless and absorbed. I laughed hard, I cried hard, I fell in love hard and I was shell-shocked hard! There are lots of books out there that can be so humdrum in the beginning and then slowly fascinate you to the peak of the story. Hopeless is nothing like that because the moment you open the book, it gets you hooked to it. There isn't any dull moment in Hopeless. The plot is just impeccable. I am in awe of how Colleen Hoover weave and organize every detail of the book. It involves a hell lot of twists you hafta brace yourselves.

I was smitten by ALL the characters really. I thought I wouldn't like Sky at first because of this reputation she has about being a slut and yes I didn't like her because I fell in love with this girl! She's so stubborn, she somehow reminds me of myself lol. She's so cool she isn't affected by all the slut-shaming thrown against her. She's so strong and brave she was able to face her life shattering in front of her and trust herself to a man after all. And then we have Dean Holder, the current love of my life. He has made me all giddy from so much kilig the time he was getting to know Sky more. I caught myself several times in trance, woolgathering at the thought of being  in the panty-dropping situation Sky was in every time she was with Holder. And all those teasing and funny text messages from Holder, God I was twitterpated.

Daniel, Holder's hilarious bestfriend made me laugh so hard I doubted my own sanity. Damn Daniel with all his made-up cusses and nicknames even Holder had no idea where in hell he got them from LOL. I also salute this guy for being such a true friend to my Holder when everybody else were being ass.

From these kilig and funny moments, I was gradually plunged into heartache and disbelief as the past unfolds, the story progresses and the twists were revealed. I felt sorry for Sky, for Holder, for Karen and for (believe it or not) Sky's dad despite everything. Hopeless is a devastatingly sad story. But amidst all the appalling turn outs is a beautiful love story between two people who are meant to be.

The second book, Losing Hope consequently is just Hopeless, this time narrated in Holder's perspective (The first one narrated by Sky herself.) Although most of the parts are just a retell  with some additional Holder thoughts and past life, it didn't in any way faze me from loving this book as well because every missing piece was put into place. The book explained where Holder was coming from in the midst of all his over-protectiveness, sudden mood shifts and intense personality.Towards the end of the book is ONE LAST MAJOR TWIST leaving me staring into nothingness, all wide-eyed and taken aback.

Yes, I was eating popcorn the whole time. The books we're so good I felt like I was watching a movie eeeek :))
I'm proudly recommending these two books for those of you guis who havent read them yet (I admit I was quite late myself). There's just too much feels I needed you guis to share them with me.

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