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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Regent Spa Kapitolyo Experience

Firstly, I'd like to say that I DO NOT OWN any of the photos below. My stupidity got the better of me that I forgot to slide the memory card into my cam before heading out the door. Photos grabbed from Regent Spa Pasig, Rocoi Speaks and Unwind Manila

The Regent Spa is located at the second floor of the Ace building in Kapitolyo, the same building where Ace Water Spa pasig branch can be found. Upon laying our eyes on this sophistication, my bestfriend and I couldn't keep ourselves from squealing. We immediately moved towards the chic wall where the name Regent Spa was plastered, to take some pictures. Well, you guys already know what happened next.


 After presenting our Metrodeal voucher to the nice and beaut receptionist, we settled into these plush seats. It only costed us 350 pesos, a bargain compared to the spa's original price for both foot and body massage, 750-800 pesos. While waiting for the rooms, we were given teas which weren't exactly my cup of tea. I calmed myself down, pushed the thought of forgetting my memory card outta my mind and willed myself not to smash the camera to kingdom come.

 There are two hallways leading to the rooms. One is a straight, more refined-looking corridor and the other is a curved one. After a few minutes of waiting, we were led to the curved hallway and into our room. If my memory serves me right, we were assigned to room no. 5

  I'm absolutely convinced that every room in Regent Spa is different depending on the service and rate. They have the private rooms, premiere, deluxe and suit. Ours was exactly like this. A yellow lit room with three converted massage beds. An LCD TV facing us. There was a narrow cabinet at the far corner of the room for our clothes, bags and shoes. Funny thing about this cabinet is that it doesn't have your conventional lock. You just have to hold the key in front of the cabinet's detector and wola, it'll open. Cooool beans. Anyway, the staff were friendly enough to guide you. There were also buttons beside the door for the airconditiong, music and buzzer. After changing into the shorts, bathrobe and slippers provided, you can buzz the staff signaling them that you're ready.

Shortly after, the masseurs arrived.

Here's a rough draft of the routine (Warning you I may miss out a lot):

Hot Tea foot soak. For some, the foot soak may be a bit hot. It stings at first but your feet will eventually  adjust to the temperature. Ate masseur was so kind and polite to ask me every now and then if I were okay with whatever she was doin.

Foot Reflexology. It was perfect. While seated, a warm pillow was placed against my back. It was sooo lulling.

Back Massage. The sofa was then converted into a bed and I was asked to take off my robe of course, as well as my bra. As I lie on my stomach, a calming music was played and the body massage started.The masseur's strokes were quite heavy, that I found myself cringing and grimacing the whole time. Good thing, no one else could see my face haha! It hurt a little but at the same time, it also felt good. After a couple minutes, my body started relaxing and drowsing to a shallow sleep.

Front Massage. As I shift into my back, I was already in a complete state of serenity and tranquility, all worries and problems ebbed away.The quick head and face massage was oh so good.

Major stretching. This one's awesome! hahaha I felt all my joints clicking. Felt my whole body loosen up.

Final strokes at the back, arms and legs and some more stretches.

Hot towel wrappings and scrubbing.

Once done, I couldn't bring myself to get up. I want to stay lying there forever. Two cups of coffee were then delivered to our room. We stayed for another 20-30 minutes before changing clothes.

 Here's how the lavatory across our room looked like. Very clean and posh and earthy. There's also a shower inside.


 Regent Spa
2/F Ace Water Spa Bldg. United St. corner Brixton St. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig, Philippines.



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