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Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 7 - Girl Crushes

It's technically Saturday so I'm a little late for this soon-to-be-regular top 7 Friday post but whatever. I slept again for 8 straight hours which is nuts. My first ever top 7 list will be a line up of the most beautiful and inspiring women I look up to. Coming up with this list is easy peasy but ranking them in order of who appeals the most to me is rather nigh impossible.  This is completely randomized and is not in any particular order. So getta loada this and see the girls behind all my insecurities. hahaha. kidding.
1. Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk is a chronic crush of mine. I have been worshiping this goddess for God knows how long. I first laid eyes on her on Small Ville as Lana Lang, Clark's first love. I reckon being taken aback everytime her face flashes onscreen. She's so cute and pretty with those tantalizing green eyes (she has the most beautiful eyes ever I swear), straight brown hair and slightly crooked teeth. Somehow Kristin Kreuk's snaggletooth makes her even more exemplary. I haven't the faintest idea how such flaw adds so much edge,  and power to this endearingly attractive creature. I share the same dilemma (though hers doesn't appear to be one), mine only looks noticeably nasty hahaha. And when I first heard her voice, I was like 'ow.' She seems to be a petite woman to me, I never imagined her pulling off a deep voice haha. How cool is that?

 2. Anna Sophia Rob

Several years ago, I found her features too strong for a girl and just about then I was utterly convinced she's gonna grow up a raving beauty with a face that would stop a clock. The next time I saw her in a movie called Bridge to Terabithia, she was already a teenager and indeed she turned out to be one captivating young lady. Now, looking so fab and fashionable and gorgeous in her TV series, The Carrie Diaries, I lionize her even more. I sometimes wonder why I wasn't born to be Anna Sophia Rob lol. Aside from the undoubtedly charismatic looks, she also appealed to me in terms of her acting performances. She is a clear-cut good actress which is evident from the very first movies she has done in the early years of her life. She's so natural it's without surprise, she's enjoying all the spotlights now.


3. Rachel McAdams

My best-loved hollywood actress of all time. Rachel McAdams didnt strike me as stunningly pretty the first time I saw her on The Notebook. But as time flies by, and a good number of her movies has already piled up in the list of my favorites, she does not only appear pretty to me but rather, a dazzling, splendid statusque as a result of her unbelievable performances. I believe she is one of the great actors of her generation. She made me cry, laugh and hopeless romantic in a number of films. Many of the daunting romantic movies that moved me were starring her as the lead female character. Even in Mean Girls, she caught my attention more than Lindsay Lohan did. Rachel McAdams as some sort of a selfish bitch is cute hahaha. She's a darling!


 4. Lee Min Jung
I'm not really a fan of Korean beauty since most of them look well-nigh identical already (though I adore their porcelain skin). And besides, no one can really be sure who had/ hadn't undergone plastic surgeries. An exception is Lee Min Jung. Her face stands out and you can recognize her even whilst in a crowd of Korean gals. She's now 30 years old and still looking friggin young and amazing. By the looks of her, one would assume she's only in her 20's. And mind you people, she's a natural beauty. :))

 5. Say Tioco Artillero
Say is a popular Filipino Youtuber. Yeap she's no overwhelmingly beautiful. Nevertheless, I love her because she's inspiring. She knows what she wants in life and she works hard to achieve her dreams. She's very organized, it seems like she had planned on how she's gonna live her life for years. She's adventurous and is not afraid to take risks. She's a lover of change because as the saying goes, it is the only thing inevitable in life. She likes working her ass off and doing something fruitful and productive. She's very independent and at such a young age, she has traveled to places already, earned money, bought her own car and other stuff. She's well-bred and has a strong and tough personality. She's not fazed by all the people trying to put her down. Her high spirits are indestructible.

Im an avid reader and viewer of her blog and youtube channel. Say actually inspired me to create this blog and *fingers crossed* a vlog channel in the future. Check out her websites!

6. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, best known as Zoella by her fans and Youtube viewers is a famed English blogger and youtuber. She's visibly charming and beautiful. She's a beauty addict, a lover of classy and elegant fashion and has a penchant for make-up and clothes and hair styles! So what do you expect, countless girls across the globe are hooked to her websites. I adore how she seems to be the most perfect girl to wear a huge, messy hair. Her entirety shouts chic, style, sophistication and refinement.
Check out Zoe's Websites :

 7. Kathryn Bernardo

Last but definitely not the least, Kathryn Bernardo! It's pretty damn obvious all Filipino girls out there are jelly of her `ughh` so friggin impeccable face (if you're not then girl I doubt your sanity)! Like really, how come every part of this girl's visage is perfect? I annoyingly catch myself endless times staring at her picture for hours. And, and, and matching this stunning face is a body so skinny, every wardrobe looks good on her. It's so unfair! 
Why is it that she beams an all-teeth-flashing-smile looking so dazzling and jaw-dropping and yet even more lovely with a tight-lipped smile. And oh, I almost forgot, she has all these pictures of stolen, wide open-mouthed guffaws still looking adorable. Like hey, I can only do a single decent type of smile. I tried smiling with my lips closed, I looked like a doofus. With my mouth wide open.. erm nevermind. How I'd love to trade souls with her! tee-hee

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