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Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Summary - Catch up Date!

Red Mango's green tea and banofee yogurt parfait
Stackers' Philly cheese burger and cheese burger
Caffe Bene's chocolate gelatto
❤ I rolled out of bed at 9 am today for my bestfriend and I's catch-up date, feeling groggy and out of it after reading all-night. My bad.
❤ My bestfriend made my day! It's been forever since the last time sis and I spent one whole day to ourselves in light of our knee-deep school works and busy schedules. But since vacation has already started, I'm more than free and vacant. Wistfully, this is not the case for sis. She will be spending her's at school, studying.  Nope, she's not making-up for failed subjects or whatsoever, it's required. (sucks ass huh?) And it's so sweet of her to make time for me amidst this crazy predicament she's in.
 ❤ We talked for hours, only taking breaks to hop from one place to another around Eastwood. And when I say ~talked~, I mean, we looked back and reminisced, lost ourselves in contemplation and fantasy, laughed at our own mishaps, laughed at our futile friends, backbit and cuss people (yea behind their back what now? hahah), shared our sentiments, made fun of ourselves and anticipated our bright future. It's gladdening to have those people in your life to whom you can be completely comfortable with.
❤ Early this morning, I conditioned myself to grab some yogurt parfait alone to get me through the whole afternoon. That means spending more or less 150 bucks only. Without much of a surprise, I had another, what I'd call, a WEAK MOMENT and I failed to stick to the plan. Three hours after we left Red Mango, our tummies began going frenzy I swear I could eat a horse. We stuffed ourselves with yummeh burgers from Stackers squandering another 200 bucks. Only after we were done, did it hit us that we cant stay there longer to continue our rap. We shared a single chocolate gelatto at Caffe Bene just so we'd have somewhere to chill at. That costs 95. Another 50 bucks down. Boy oh boy it was painful.
❤ Just as we were about to leave Eastwood, we happened to pass by this food bazaar called The Mercato Centrale Group. I recognized the name as a friend of mine asked me to check it out. I didn't know they also have this at Eastwood. It was sorta hidden and out of sight so no wonder. The foods looked oh so good and were cheaply-priced I couldn't wait to try them out!
❤ Wrapped up our date with a spa deal for next week! ~pig-squeals ~ 

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  1. hearts and all the love in the world sis <3 More bonding moments for us!