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Saturday, April 12, 2014

SaturdayFoodTwipppin#5: Ristorante Bigoli!

If you're looking for an eating house with good and generous belly-filling Italian food on a much cheaper price then Ristorante Bigoli is the place for you!

cute little bridge at the diner's second floor
I didnt go out today with the plan of eating my heart out after mass tonight because I'm trying to budget and distribute my allowance for the whole stretch of April. T'was fortunate Kuya Kevin knows this Italian fast food restaurant that offers wallet-friendly meals. I was surprised to see pastas priced for as low as 110 pesos! Like really? I decided to give it a go.
As we advanced towards the entrance, I was like holy mother of lord cocoa puffs! Welcoming us were automatic sliding doors opening up to this grand hotel-like miniature lobby. At the far end of the lobby was an inviting counter occupied by warm and amiable staff. It was radiant inside. The floor was polished, refined and classy. Their high ceiling was incredible, accentuated by a huge, elegant chandelier. To the left of the lobby was a quite grand staircase leading to the second floor.They also have this separate counter for gelatto. Sadly, I wasnt able to buy one (as much as I was slobbering by the sole sight of it.). The place was large and divided into four dining sections: al fresco area, first floor dining area, second floor dining area and special rooms on the 2nd floor for occasions, events or gatherings.

You have to order food from the counter and just like in your usual fast food, you may be given a number for meals that require more time to prepare. People, this is the only place I know of yet, to be serving
 unlimited, self-service drinks. You have all the juices and softdrinks for this particular unlimited service. Cool beansss. And wait there's more!! Their bread sticks are unlimited as well and these alone are gratifying already! How generous of them, isnt it?
Fettuccine Alfredo solo, 110 pesos
Baked Spaghetti, 150 pesos

I gladly say that I left the place with a happy tummy, a happy heart and a happy pocket. Their meals come in uncommonly generous serving size. Albeit the general taste wasn't really sensational, it wasn't bad at all. I couldn't  frankly believe I gorged myself having just a little more than a  hundred bucks on hand. Kudos to this place! I can hardly wait to dab on more of their foods next time!
Another food tripping post brought to you by Kuya Kevin and my duck face self. HAH!

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