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Friday, April 11, 2014

Broadening my Horizon

I put up a blog for three primary reasons:
  1. To brush up my writing skills.
  2. To document life events and happenings.
  3. If all goes well, to make money out of blogging in the future. (no matter how long it takes)
As a neophyte, it's baffling to decide what contents my blog will be showcasing. I originally opted my blog to mostly feature food and traveling since I love eating and discovering new places. So for the first month, I posted food trippings at least once a week. Then, I reckon it stands to reason that one post a week would be ridiculous and useless. On the contrary, food and restaurant hunting spasmodically is impossible bearing in mind that I'm no rich kid with a thousand bucks allowance a day to support such. What more in financing  out-of-town excursions. I resolved to making the blog a little personal featuring all things random, including thoughts, rants and my say on things (albeit I still continue posting yummy foods every now and then cos first love lol). Last night I went on reading personal blogs for some ideas on interesting topics to post. I was dumbfounded at how adventurous one can be in a personal blog. You can post basically anything you want! It seems quite liberating. I especially stumble across this enthralling and entertaining blog, myblogexactly I managed to read all the entries.She has these certain types of posts scheduled to be blogged on specific days/months/events that encourage her to maintain blogging engaging stuff consistently and prevents her from slacking off. I was so inspired I decided to adopt few of her categories into my own blog.

  • Weekly Round-up on Sundays. Summary of the happenings in my life for the past seven days. This includes: Face of the Week, Stumble of the Week and Gratitude of the Week.
  •  Top 7 on Fridays. Random lists of my top seven picks. It could be a list of my pet peeves, celebrity crushes, favorites etc.
  • Writing prompts and challenges. Weekly writing, photo challenges and daily prompts from the Daily Post
So there you go, a motivation for this craft. Hopefully, I get to stick to this posting schedule for as long as the summer vacation permits at least. Maybe I could start right now!

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