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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tokyo Bubble Tea Milk Place and Restaurant

I regret not trying this tea house out before! This will definitely be a regular hang-out haven. From afar, who wouldn't feast their eyes on this place's bright lights, colorful ambiance and overall "cuteness". This may sound absurd but the comical atmosphere didn't woo me at first thus I haven't set foot in the restaurant until today. It's such a cutesy I thought the foods would taste funny lol. Then a friend was fussing over it that we found ourselves in the footsteps of this adorable place without batting an eye. Tokyo Bubble Tea milk is a milk tea place and a restaurant as well. They offer Japanese noshes of all kinds.


Al fresco area
It has quite spacious and snug al fresco area with several fluffy couches, chairs and tables. They have the coolest and largest outside dining area I know (for a milk tea place), accommodating a fairly good number of customers. This I believe is mainly because it's small and cramped inside.

There's so much going on in their interior. The place looks child(and child-at-heart)-friendly with all the pastel colors such as green, yellow, orange and pink. They're also being creative in terms of their lightings. They used varying lighting fixtures. I cant actually describe and explain how good it looks since obviously I'm not an interior designer nor an aspiring one but I hope the pictures help. eeek


Holy moly. They have the most kawaii-ish menu eva! I enjoyed going through each page. Extolling their menu for being sooo helpful. I appreciate their generosity in putting a lot of pictures of the foods and drinks and a good description for each. It's really a piece of cake choosing what to order. What makes Tokyo Bubble Tea a regular lounge spot for a great deal of people (and surely for me) are the many food categories, wide selection for each food category and options provided on how you want your food served. Like seriously, their menu's packed with ALL kinds of foods and drinks: ramen, donburi, sizzlers, rice meals, bulgogi, nachos, pasta, burgers, nachos, soups, salad, takoyaki, teas, milk tea, milk shake, coffee. Name it they have it all! You even have a pick on whether you prefer your drinks hot or cold.

Hot Chocolate, 95 pesos
A regular hot chocolate served with syrup if you want it sweeter.
Chocolate MilkTea (large) - 125 pesos
This milk tea's orgasmic. 

Fish Cake drizzled Soy Ginger sauce, 198 pesos
look at all the juiciness really yummehhh
Omurice Classic, 195 pesos with hamburg Steak add-on, 110 pesos
Judging from the taste of the foods we ordered, I could say that Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant only serves the best fresh Japanese meals and snacks. The foods and the milk tea were so delish I can't even. The service was kinda slow but I couldn't blame them, they have helluva lot customers and dishes were served fresh from the kitchen. Yay!

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  1. Hi Yani. How are you? I got so hungry after reading your post and I suddenly wanna go to Tokyo Bubble Tea right now. Hahaha! :) I love that resto, they serve amazing food and the ambiance is so nice. Btw, I followed you on G+

    Have a great day!

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