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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ate Kin's Graduation; Dinner at Max's

 Ate Kin, one of the only two paternal cousins I have, has graduated from college today. This is one day all the three of us (ate Kin, Kito and I) were excited about because we are down to roughly 4-6 years away from fulfilling the rest of our agreement. These two are siblings and have been living under the roof of my paternal grandmother for years now.  Nanay has done so much in taking the role their mother left when she died many years ago and in assuming the responsibilities our fathers (Nanay's sons) fail to do. We couldnt think of a more noble way of paying back than to have her see us get our college diplomas. Diplomas our fathers never had because of some stupid, dipshit reasons. Nanay has been sacrificing bigtime early on our fathers' time up until now and I only wish she'd live long enough to witness the rest of us graduate and live our stable lives. Being in the midst of family problems at such a young age, Ate Kin, Kito and I made up our minds to never let our grudges towards our parents take over us to the point of destroying ourselves.We told ourselves that we are going to finish our studies with our lola as our inspiration and motivation and without causing much trouble to those people around us, unlike other kids who had gone through the same experience we had. And Im glad Ate Kin has come to give her fare share in our little consensus already. I wished her all the luck in the career she chose to pursue. Hey you dickweed if you happen to be wasting your time reading this gibberish blog of mine, then Im telling you Im proud of you and may God continue to bless you always and no matter what happens, dont lose hope :))

Im not gonna go into details about how the whole commencement exercise went because it was, I swear to God, the longest and the most shit boring program I had witnessed in my entire frazzled mess of life!  The only things I like about today were seeing my cousin in her toga and our dine at Max's, albeit a bit disappointed that we didnt eat at some eat-all-you-can resta
urant lol.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our friendship in black and white - A Photo Diary 💋

Seniors' Business Fair
Balagtasan Days
Hindi ko rin alam sis kung bakit kailangan nating magpose ng mga ganito.  
Remember this purple sisiw we named after Michael sis? Nilagyan natin siya ng tape para di siya makahinga. Kung naaalala mo sabay tayong nangarap na palakihin siya hanggang maging manok siya. Too bad, namatay siya after 2 days. :(
Fave pic  <3
Battle of the Bands
Last Prom
Graduation practice days
Farewell Party ??
Last day
Graduation Day
my 18th bday!
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Hi sis. Happy Birthday! I couldnt think of other creative ways to greet you on your special day but this. And because posting collage on fb is too mainstream, I thought it'd  be nice to write a photo diary blog post dedicated to youu. This is to honor (lol honor talaga) our friendship of more than three years now. A camaraderie that is relatively short compared to that of other companionships' out there.  Assuredly, we both know that this doesnt make our's any less awesome. As what I told you the moment we became friends, I felt like we've known each other for years already. I ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY COULDNT IMAGINE MYSELF NOW HADN'T WE BECAME CLASSMATES the last year of highschool. 

I was searching for a quote that will best suit how I see our relationship and this one above came up, summing up everything.
I have always been very open and vocal about how much I love you  and how much I treasure our friendship. Clearly then, I'll never get tired of being cheesy because you're that special. I'll never get tired of telling you that you literally changed my life. I thank you for always being there, for always asking me about my day  and  for always updating me with your undertakings as we sporadically see each other nowadays. Thank you for being cool about everything and for making light of every situation. You're a therapy I always seek out.  I, together with a whole lot of your other friends, am blessed to have you as a friend. 
We may not be enjoying ourselves together as much as we would love to but I know (and I know that you know) that we are  in each others' hearts round-the-clock, that we're never gonna be alone because there will always be someone somewhere, putting her own shit together,  to love me/you unconditionally and who's willing to share in my/your moments of pain and happiness. <3 <3 <3

 Love, your awesomest sister-from-a-different mother,

One Pamper Evening ❤

It's, from all accounts, the start of summer vacay, WOHOOOO and Im left here in my room crouching on my bed. I aimed on giving myself few days of "me time" first before rocking the summer season, engaging myself in some productive stuff or going cray cray with my friends.

Definitely, the one thing I always do everytime Im not on a busy schedule is set up a pamper evening for myself. Seemingly, the last time I had one was eons ago. I utterly believe that every girl should find time for themselves and have this kind of therapy every so often. It could be after a stressful day or once every week or whenever you feel the need to, really. The following are the benefits I personally acquire from self-pampering nights:

1. Comfort after a tiring day
2. Quietude after a day full of drama
3. I feel beautiful
4. I feel like a princess
5. Boost self-confidence
6. Time to know myself better
7. Time to temporarily forget all the shittiness in this merciless cycling called life.
8. Time to enjoy and appreciate myself.
9. Time to lose myself in reverie.

Already slack and free from school-related work loads, I surmised that tonight would be the perfect time! A pamper night for me is basically beauty items, comfy pj's,  tv series and comfort snacks.

The bath I do on evenings like this is pretty much the same with how I bathe on a daily basis except that the former involves a lot of bath and body products.

Plopping down all the beauty essentials I could use before getting on to the actual bath.

Girl, if you want me to get through a bath, never ever not heat a cold water. I always endure this cost of heating water first no matter how lazy I could get. Bathing in cold water is just impossible. And besides, if you really want to be relaxed, warm water would be ideal right? 

I started with my hurr, washing it with whatever shampoo we have as of the moment. 

I skipped using the conditioner today because I had my cocomilk hair spa instead. I left it on for about 15 minutes while doing the rest of my body.

For my body, I used this bath gel taken home from a hotel in Davao lol.

It is important to exfoliate skin at least once a week to remove all the dead skin cells and to allow the generation of new layer of skin as well. So after indulging in my bath gel, I gently rubbed these bath salts all over my body focusing on calloused areas such as my elbows, knees , ankle and soles of the feet. I happened to accidentally taste the salts, I dont know how hahahahah but it was salty! So that explains the name lol.

I usually lather lotion all over my body after bath, but today  I used Human Nature's sunflower beauty oil I purchased  months ago because it claims to reduce stretch marks. I've been struggling with stretch marks (A LOT) lately. My lower extremities are literally covered with red streaks from the cheeks of my butt, down to the back of my legs. It's soooo gross! They started appearing 5 months after I began gaining weight. If you guys didnt know, I became an extremely, pathetic scrawny piece of shit around January- May last year because I was working then. (though i never really did get fat my whole life) I thought I'll be dying all skin and bones you know. Due to desperation, I drank 4 glasses of milk a day everyday! And guess what, the result was instant! I gained 40 pounds in 4 months time! I was so ecstatic till the skin striations appeared. wew.

A good friend of mine gave me these sample-sized Palmer's lotion and butter for stretchmarks she got as a giveaway at Watson's. As you can see from the packaging, these are really for the preggies since they're the ones suffering from severe bandings. But oh boy, the marks you'll see on my legs are nothing different from what you see in mothers' tummies. 
 I massaged and massaged the butter onto my legs and buttocks in circular motion, hoping the markings to fade away after continuous use. Im planning on buying one can of Palmer's butter next week.

On a good note, my arms and hands are pretty much devoid of any skin imperfections so I applied on a regular lotion.  I'm currently using Avon's Imari seduction given by a friend also.

I couldnt find any face moisturizer so I went along with my Maybelline Baby Skin pore eraser.

After my hurr's already half-dry, I gave it a little more refining by putting on a leave-in conditioner to retain its moisture.
Then I treated my feet with massage using a peppermint foot lotion.

I wore my fave blue comfy pjs and house slippers then to keep me all snug.

And then my favorite part of the night! Watching my best-loved onscreen couple Sebastian Kydd and Carrie Bradshaw in my most fancied TV series, the Carrie Diaries! ❤❤❤This of course while painting my nails with a simple, glittered, white nail polish and munching on a deli home-made pizza. :D