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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ate Kin's Graduation; Dinner at Max's

 Ate Kin, one of the only two paternal cousins I have, has graduated from college today. This is one day all the three of us (ate Kin, Kito and I) were excited about because we are down to roughly 4-6 years away from fulfilling the rest of our agreement. These two are siblings and have been living under the roof of my paternal grandmother for years now.  Nanay has done so much in taking the role their mother left when she died many years ago and in assuming the responsibilities our fathers (Nanay's sons) fail to do. We couldnt think of a more noble way of paying back than to have her see us get our college diplomas. Diplomas our fathers never had because of some stupid, dipshit reasons. Nanay has been sacrificing bigtime early on our fathers' time up until now and I only wish she'd live long enough to witness the rest of us graduate and live our stable lives. Being in the midst of family problems at such a young age, Ate Kin, Kito and I made up our minds to never let our grudges towards our parents take over us to the point of destroying ourselves.We told ourselves that we are going to finish our studies with our lola as our inspiration and motivation and without causing much trouble to those people around us, unlike other kids who had gone through the same experience we had. And Im glad Ate Kin has come to give her fare share in our little consensus already. I wished her all the luck in the career she chose to pursue. Hey you dickweed if you happen to be wasting your time reading this gibberish blog of mine, then Im telling you Im proud of you and may God continue to bless you always and no matter what happens, dont lose hope :))

Im not gonna go into details about how the whole commencement exercise went because it was, I swear to God, the longest and the most shit boring program I had witnessed in my entire frazzled mess of life!  The only things I like about today were seeing my cousin in her toga and our dine at Max's, albeit a bit disappointed that we didnt eat at some eat-all-you-can resta
urant lol.

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