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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Red Mango's Parfait

Lemme just tell you guis that yogurt is my fave snack in the whole universe. My taste buds tend to lust after yogurt all the damn time! I buy nestle yogurt in convenience stores nearly everyday (whenever I'm on a tight budget, so yea, that makes it almost everyday) just to appease my demanding urges. I've been cajoling everybody to accompany me for a yogurt break but none of them seems to like the idea lol. So when sis and I met for a catch-up, I took advantage of the fact that she just couldn't say no. HAHAHA.
Red mango is some cozy place perfect for chitchatting with friends. The store is brightly-lit. I felt all snug on their couch. They have the comfiest couch ever.

Taking up most of the counter is a selection of toppings ranging from the healthy, guilt-free ones to bonbons like fruits, cereals, beans, cookies, granola and candies.

Banoffee Yogurt Parfait, 140 pesos
Green Tea Yogurt Parfait, 140 pesos

Sis and I opted for the yogurt parfait cosidering the fact that it is one of the newest on their menu and that we both haven't tried it yet. I was so thrilled with the layers of toppings that go with it. They offer 3 parfait variants, mixed-berry, green tea and banofee. I went with green tea whilst sis had banoffee. I kind of like hoped that we could pick the toppings of our choice, though I knew that wont be the case. Indeed, each variant has their own set of toppings already.

Green Tea Yogurt Parfait. Everything about it wasnt my cup of tea, both the toppings and the yogurt flavor. I picked the green tea variant just because it sounds healthy lol. Nevertheless, I wasn't sure if I'd actually like green tea for yogurt. The yogurt itself was okay. It wasn't bad albeit doesn't compare to the classic. It has layers of cereals, read beans, banana slices, mochi balls and nuts if my memory serves me right. Firstly, I wasn't impressed with the mochi balls so I put them all aside. Secondly, I'm not a huge fan of cereals and nuts and sure as hell, not red beans! The red beans suck ass ugh. T'was the   top reason I didn't get to finish the parfait.  I just wanna throw up. I was wrong with the food choice and I'm pretty convinced it wouldn't transpire the way it did had I ordered a classic or a fruit-flavored one where I, at the same time, get to choose my desired toppings. 

Banoffee Yogurt Parfait. Banoffee parfait on the flip side, is impeccably delightful and enticing as sis told me, and I couldn't agree more.She had a different set of toppings that she absolutely liked.The fro-yo, I reckon, was the original non-fat one. She veritably enjoyed hers saying "ang sarap" every now and then. 

This only means one thing, hafta go back sooner and rectify my wrong judgement. 

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