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Monday, June 30, 2014

Project Pie Shaw

Hi Guys! In view of three weeks into the school year, I know I won't be blogging for as often as I want because school = always not enough time. Still, it's a huge relief that I only have 5 subjects for this semester, requiring us only three days at school yipee! If you're an avid reader of this blog, y'all know how I loathe how my college life turned out. *slashes wrist*lol

 So far, I think Biochem's the only subject that would entail much studying. We've only had two meetings in the subject yet it feels like we've been having classes on it for weeks already. Our professor's quite the fast-paced type plus I don't have a book until now so I don't really feel like listening to his lectures yet.

Following a whole day of just sitting in class, most of the time living in cloud cuckoo land and sometimes getting an eyeful of our biochem professor's bulky muscles and ripped bod (gurl it's definitely distracting), Ma hommies and I made our tummies a favor at Project Pie Shaw. Didn't I tell you traffic's a terrible bitch and a half lately? It felt like forever before we arrived at the place. The past couple of days (I'm gonna bet my fat ass), I spent most of the day out in the traffic than sitting in class.  Anyhoo. This new Project Pie branch was established at the former Cherry Foodarama now Lee Gardens, Shaw Boulevard. Lee Gardens is located across S&R Shaw.

Though I pass by Lee Gardens almost daily from school. I didn't notice this joint until my classmate pointed it out. Maybe because it looks so simple from the outside and you only see the lights when it's already dark.
The entirety of the joint shouts customized pizza with words like design, build, kustom all over the place!

 I like how fresh it feels inside. Though there are a lot of tables and chairs, it doesn't feel cramped at all baby

The high ceilings are accesorized by hanging light bulbs. Simple but eye-catching. 👌

  This is where all the pizzas go. 


Upon tearing into the room, a waitress approached us and explained how they do things the Project Pie way. They have 7 pre-made pizzas to choose from. Numbers (2), (5) and (6) are the best-sellers. All pre-made pizzas cost 285 pesos except for the classic cheese, 145 pesos. You can still add other toppings that you want to your desired pre-made pizza yet numbers (2),(3),(4),(5),(6),(7) will remain at 285. The classic cheese pie on the other hand, will skyrocket to 285 pesos as well if you opt for more toppings.
You can also have your pizza all by your liking by choosing the only and whatever toppings you want. You can have all the toppings in your pie and you still got to have it for 285 pesos! :)))
Other than these, they also have the dessert pies such as banana nutella, peanut butter nutella etc and salads too! Banana nutella's a tickle in my ear that I didnt hesitate to order one :3

For the drinks, I got a bit disappointed that they have nothing much to offer except for some iced teas, sodas, alcohol drinks and bottled water. I was somehow expecting for smoothies or shakes. In fact, aside from the bottled ones (which you can only have for 50 pesos), they do not serve any free glasses of water wtf hahaha.

The servers wore plain black shirts with a small logo imprinted on the chest part and matching caps. They were friendly but I wish they're mindful enough to atleast name all the toppings in front of us so we'd have an idea. I actually felt so stupid standing idly there looking at all the toppings I knew nothing of hahha. and there they were, just waiting for you to magically know every single thing! hahaha meh

Our customized pizzas getting ready to be baked!
My pie


I ordered one customized and one dessert pizza. I can be too impulsive at times aren't I. In the end, I  wasn't quite pleased with my pizza because I think I only chose 4-5 different toppings. My friends did so much better tho. So if you want your 285 pesos to be worth it, have as many toppings as you want! You can even ask to add up more of a certain topping/toppings! As for the crusts they use, I loved it. The pies aren't too thick nor too thin. 
And oh I relished my banana nutella pie! I mean who doesn't want nutella ayt? Sadly, my stomach couldnt make room for another 2 slices any longer.

Me, Thriesha, Jowie, Darlene, Maika


Friday, June 13, 2014

Photo Diary | TFIOS and Maginhawa FoodTrip!

I, together with my highschool friends went on a movie date a week ago. Though we weren't complete and won't be for quite a long time, (one is living in Australia right now, others.. busy XD ) it was dang fun!

❤ On our way to Eastwood to watch The Fault In Our Stars. My friend took advantage of the fact that his parents were away and sneak their car out. Just the thought of its convenience makes me want to bounce off the walls! In this super hot weather, public transportation is not an option.

❤ While waiting for the others, Michael, Arma and I had a little stomach-churning game with Bean Boozled. Bean Boozled is a box of jelly beans available in two sizes. I purchased the small one because heck this is technically a waste of money! hahaha. So here's the deal: The jelly beans come in different colors, each colors having unique flavors but boy don't get fooled because no one knows whether you're gonna be picking the good bean or the bad bean. Two (or more) beans may look very similar but taste so different as different can be.
 Beware of the Moldy cheese, you might not want to put it inside your mouth! lol

Original Frozen Yogurt in Medium with Kiwi, Mango and Strawberry toppings, 170 pesos
Original Frozen Yogurt in Medium with peanuts and cereals toppings, 170 pesos
Original Frozen Yogurt, Small with Mango, Strawberry and Blueberry Toppings, 135 pesos


❤ Kwentuhan while gnawing on the yummiest food in the world FROYOOO!

❤ My first time to watch movie at Eastwood Mall. The cinema's so fancy I think I'd be frequenting the place. It's much smaller inside their theaters as compared to the SM cinemas. It reminded me of school auditoriums actually. And the staff were so organized and the movie goers were so prettyy hahaha. You know what, sometimes it's nice to be surrounded with gorgeous people every now and then. Maybe I'd look more like them. haha
The Fault in our Stars didn't fail to make me cry. It really is a touching story so whether it is in a book or movie form, I know I'll have my eyes red-rimmed. Albeit some flaws such as (in my opinion): Ansel Elgort failing to make my heart flutter and to execute the best lines, it was a movie worth watching nonetheless. I left the theater with puffy eyes. Meanwhile, my friends with hearts of stones brushed the movie off their shoulders.

❤After the movie, everyone were so fungry I thought I could eat a scabby donkey between six bread vans! We  were in the car shortly and headed over Maginhawa, UP Teachers Village to try some foods there. Maginahawa First-Timers WOHOO! Maginhawa Street's a popular foodtrip destination especially to UP students. Good thing we have a car with us because it is a maze (atleast for me) with numerous little diners. We searched through the branching roads for longer than what I expected that the insides of my tummy started convulsing. And also, t'was a big help to have guy friends. They prove to be very useful in places and directions. :))))

Then we decided to rape the fish eye lens..
 ❤ We had dinner at Wicked Kitchen, a bistro offering rice meals and pasta. If you have 200-300 budget, you're good to go  =)

❤ To wrap the foodtripping up, we had another short drive to a little smoothie place called A Taste of Heaven. Sooo refreshing. The place is a great den for chilling out. We grew extremely comfortable in the place that we forgot about the time! haha The staff had to ask us to leave because we already reached their closing hours!  Guess time passes really quickly when your with familiar people <3

The day didn't end there because we went straight ahead to Michael's house, watched a movie and slept over. Remember his parents were away? Haha. Felt so good. It brought back a lot of silly, innocent memories ughhh. Highschool is just the best. If a genie happens to grant me a wish to pick a single phase in my life, go back and live through it for the second time around, I know I'd always choose highschool. I'd pick it over and over again. How bout you guys?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Iceberg's with Girlfriend!

While meandering around the mall with my girlfriend, we passed by Iceberg's and laid eyes on their menu. We were having a hankering for ice cream considering how insanely hot it gets nowadays. When we learned that aside from desserts, they also serve actual meals, we went for it. Y'know just in case hahaha.
COUNTRY FRIES, 148 pesos 

Love how their fries look so potato..-ish? haha if that makes sense XD This one I enjoyed the most. Yummmmers.




Don't be fooled by the pictures, the ice creams were just 2 scoops big in little glasses. They weren't even that phenomenal but in this kind of weather, who cares?
with Jezreel
And hey we were with her little sister! (who isn't really that "little", she's taller than me 'sobs')