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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus Perfume Review

Gran just got home from her out of the country trip and holla! I have a new perfume!

I'm starting to develop this penchant for fragrances recently, that I fancy to have a fair collection of perfume bottles. My old scent, the Paris Hilton Fairy Dust, is nearly empty and I was thinking of investing for a good perfume myself before school starts, making this present very timely. I was spared from buying one woohoo!

I got Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lotus and I reckon this one is comparatively affordable, priced at around 1k plus pesos something.

❤ The packaging is very simple. I thought it looked very dull to me since I'm a huge fan of  ornate bottles. Nothing fancy really, though the box's light green color is very calming and soothing to the eyes. It radiates summer freshness. The bottle is rectangular with a leaf embossed on its front. Its simplicity makes it an easy fit inside a bag, allowing me to carry it around without bulking.

❤ This perfume has a subtle scent to it which I actually like, making it an ideal everyday wear. It isn't overwhelming and doesn't hurt the nose. E. A. Green tea lotus is apt for the summer when all you want is to stay fresh and decent smelling. It has a refreshing floral scent perfect for the season. The only downside I see is it doesn't stay that long on me. I noticed that I couldn't sniff any trace of its smell after about 4 hours outdoor. But that's okay, I can always respray.

This is a good perfume for every teenager in particular (albeit it suits people of all ages) for it is light and isn't a very strong scent. It is also light in the pocket and is great for normal day use.

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  1. Thanks for this awesome review this will be a great gift for my mom.