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Sunday, April 20, 2014

In a Pensive Mood this Holy Week

For most teens my age, this week's a fun time perfect for out of the country escapades, out of town swimming, family outings, sun kissin and summer lovin' and for the devouts,Visita Iglesia, as so palpable from pictures posted all over facebook, twitter and instagram.

Sadly for me, Holy week (or might as well, this vacation so far) is about eating then reading then sleeping then reading then eating and the cycle goes on and on. In as much as my body's longing for beach and a sun tan, I'm stucked at home bored silly most of the time. Mom's pretty strict and conservative that I'm not permitted to go out with friends more than once a week lol and I think she's in no mood to leave the house and have some splash. (Welcome to the old lady's life!) However, these few days that I've withdrawn from the society and lived in solitary existence like a hermit inside my room, (too much exaggeration eh?) gave me more than enough time to engage in deep thoughts, unwind and ponder on several stuff like how I lived my life the past year and how I am doing right now. I realized a lot of things. Things I had veritably conceived before but never did I zero in on.

Over the course of three years, I became a totally different person. A young lady very far from the happy, content, playful and confident girl I was. I don't know if you can call me a late bloomer or whatev but all these crazy drama and shit highschool girls go through seem to be taking its toll on me only now that I'm in college already.Weird isn't it? I became irritable, sensitive and impatient, complaining about essentially everything from the whole shebang of the universe down to the littlest of things. I get upset and disappointed at my school (particularly), people at school, my parents etc that I fret relentlessly.  Little did I know, I was slowly becoming the root cause of all my woes. Obviously, moaning and lamenting do not help at all. Ludicrously, I also settle for less; in my relationships, studies and in myself, living each day half-heartedly.

And I'm tired of this. I should make a move. I should take a different course of action. The moment I took psychology, I knew I'm after getting myself better every single day.And obtaining happiness I believe, is the sole purpose of life (self-realization in psychological terms.)
I'm tired of sitting in the background, complaining about all the shit that's goin on in front of me. I want to make a difference, even the slightest one. I want the people I dealt upon to remember me. I want to touch lives in my own little ways. But to do this, I know I should start fixing my crap first and with God's grace I know I'll be better.

I found this very helpful list, 50 ways to be a Woman a few days ago. It motivated me a lot. I found myself taking a little of my time off every morning to read this lineup just to empower myself and start a productive day. This 50 ways to be a woman list doesn't only provide you with the do's in acting more like a woman and being one, it also reminds you how to live a life of happiness and content, make the most out of this totality God has given us,and to respect and love yourself. Girl take a look at it, ponder on it, reflect and together let's begin from these wee steps! teehee for change and girl power!

My top 6 from the list:

 ❤ Cultivate yourself as an interesting person and develop a personality that is unique to yourself. 

 ❤ Find beauty in every day. It’s there. You just have to find it and you will be glad that you did. 

 ❤ Find your bliss. Life is too short to be unhappy and an unhappy woman is very unattractive. 

❤ Form opinions. On political matters. On current events. Be able to contribute to a conversation as an informed member of society. Knowing when to exert these opinions and when to keep them to yourself is just as important. 

❤ Allow yourself to be treated like lady. If more women would sit down and be ladies, more men would stand up and be men. Just because you are capable of opening your own door, in the presence of a man, you should not have to. Allow men the indulgence of being men and take pride in the privilege of being a lady. 

❤ Get involved. Join societies and organizations that have a positive influence in your community. Create positive exposure for yourself. 

A Happy Reflective Holy Week to everybodeh!

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