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Saturday, March 1, 2014

SaturdayFoodTwippin#2 : A taste of Italy at Pasto!

It's a Saturday and as a weekly routine, we tried another place to eat at after attending the mass. We looked for Cafe Xocolat's branch inside Barangay Bagumbayan (beside Eastwood and Nuvo City), Libis at Topy's Place. It was a longer walk than I had anticipated before we reached Topy's Place. Unfortunatey (..again!), the Cafe was closed. Seriously, what's wrong with Cafe Xocolat? I've been wanting to eat there since I'm into sweets recently and I heard they have one of the best chocolate drinks and that they have this wide array of uniquely chocolate-infused dishes and desserts. Anyhow, we ended up going to Eastwood city instead. Kevin was in the mood for pasta today so we entered the first Italian restaurant to catch our attention, Pasto. Pasto's branch here is located at Eastwood City Walk 1. 

Pasto is an Italian restaurant, bar and cafe. Like other Italian restos, they serve Italian classics like pizza, pasta and panini.


I'm not a fan of their interior. Their red chairs, red walls and red uniforms overwhelm me. Their abstract pieces accentuated their red walls though.

Their lightings don't appeal to me that much either. It was quite dark inside and for me these red, hanging lamps above our tables didnt add any dramatic effect on Pasto's dim surroundings. It doesn't radiate a homey nor cozy ambiance which I always look for in a restaurant. It was considerably a casual dining, nothing fancy.

The alcohol section in the resto's bar

At the center, is a bar filled with variety of drinks such as alcohol, softdrinks and juices. I guess, this is where they also make coffee, chocolate drinks and other beverages.

 We were seated just beside Pasto's door. And this is a view from the outside. Pasto is at the heart of Eastwood City Walk 1, in front of Icebergs. It was surrounded by other bars and liquor stores.

 Portions of their menu

 We were greeted and given a menu by a waiter as soon as we entered Pasto. They have friendly and attentive staff. They sorted their beverages and dishes out into categories like pasta, caffe, drinks, desserts etc. T'was a good thing that the waiter didn't approach us for our orders right away, unlike in other restaurants. I have dined in to a couple wherein the waiter just stands right beside us with their pens and paper waiting. I find this irritating because I feel obliged to make up my mind instantly. The Pasto waiter was kind enough to stay away for a while hihi so we were able to decide and contemplate on the foods we were to order.

While waiting for our respective orders, I took a look at their comfort room. T'was a relatively small wash area with its wall painted red from ceiling down to the floor (well, almost) There's nothing fancy about it, though they have this wide mirror I haven't been able to take photo of.
It didn't take much time for our orders to be served and that's another good thing because I was super duper famished at that moment.

 I ordered for the cheapest pasta in their menu, Alfredo (195 pesos). You have the choice to add grilled chicken or grilled shrimp but you have to add another 40 pesos. I, being kuripot, chose not to. hahahaha. Taking a first look at my pasta, I thought it wouldn't satisfy my hunger but the hell, it did! The pasta was swimming in rich, creamy parmesan sauce which I absolutely loved. It was so tasty and yummy, my 195 was so worth it. The pasta was ribbon-shaped which I find cute. The bread on the side was just the right size. The parsley leaves also added color to the creamy dish.

For my drink, I ordered their hot chocolate, Cioccolata Calda (95 pesos). The menu says it has whipped cream with it. I was expecting  the whipped cream to be on top of the chocolate drink. But when it was served, it turned out that the whipped cream was blended with the hot chocolate. As I was drinking it, I expected a rich chocolatey drink just like what other hot chocolate drinks taste but i guess, the whipped cream being blended to it affected its taste. It tasted creamier but it was okay.

Kevin's order was Boscaolio, 235 pesos. It is fettuccine with chicken, zucchini and mushrooms. It also has bread on the side. I tasted it and was glad that I ordered Alfredo. Alfredo was cheaper than Boscaolio but for me mine was way more delicious. Boscaolio has light cream sauce. It wasn't that creamy of course. Mine was tastier. But what I like about this is its mushroom toppings cos Im a huge mushroom lover. Kevin said it was good overall except for the zucchini.

Kevin was happy with his iced tea, Te Freddo, 115 pesos. Te Freddo comes in three flavors: lemon, raspberry ad peach. He chose lemon. It was such a good drink according to him. I took a sip and it tasted like... lemon iced tea! hahaha just like all the other lemon iced teas haha. I didnt appreciate it much maybe because im not an iced tea person. We didnt know it was refillable until he finished one glass and a waitress filled it again. 
We felt so full after finishing our food. 300 pesos at Pasto will do you guis good already. We had a subtotal of 640 pesos for the food.

Till next time! 

Greenhill Theatre Mall
San Juan

2/F Fort Pointe Bldg
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Fuente Circle, Citywalk 1
Eastwood City, Libis

El Pueblo de Real
Julia Vargas cor ADB Avenue
Ortigas Center

2/F Paseo Center Bldg
Paseo de Roxas cor Sedeno St.
Saledo Village, MAkati

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