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Sunday, March 16, 2014

SaturdayFoodTwippin#4: Never Again @ Johnny Rockets

 Johnny Rockets has always been grabbing our attention (everytime we go to the Eastwood mall) due to its LIVELY ambiance ( bright lights, loud music, entertaining staff and everything). There was even a time when about 3-4 of their waiters and waitresses were doing some production number outside hahahah. We decided to give it a try.

As I open the door, my heart literally took a leap in surprise because the whole waiting staff GREETED us with "HIIII GUIIISS, YOU MAY TAKE YOUR SEATSS GUIIIS"  in chorus! And twas not only a warm welcoming but a very jolly, cheerful and high energy greeting. Addressing us with "GUYS" made me think (for a moment) that there were relatives/friends inside calling our attention hahaha. I commend Johnny Rockets for producing such a friendly team. I didnt get shy nor hesitant in conversing with them.

Johnny Rockets temporarily took us to the States with its typical American casual dining atmosphere and hip interior. The place is basically a combination of whites and reds and  checkered flooring. I super fancy the decorations on their walls most especially the old paintings (or rather paintings depicting old personalities).

There was always LOUD music in the background, usually classic songs from the 50's to 60's. You yourself can play your favorite old music through their jukebox. A song only costs one peso.

The female servers were in very casual uniforms with long sleeved shirts and short SHORTS. Not that I wasnt pleased with it, i just find it unusual. I even saw Kevin staring at their legs or behind? whatevs. I alway knew he has perverted tendencies. hahahahah kidding.

Johnny Rockets offers wide assortment of burgers (their specialty) but they also serve rice meals, fries, onion rings, salads and shakes.

Striking some wacky poses while waiting :D

First off was their Iced Tea (115 pesos), quite pricey for an iced tea but twas unlimited so we thought it would do. The glasses they use for beverages such as water, softdrinks and iced teas are very HUGEE. The tea was sorta insipid according to Kev. 

Strawberry Original Shake (215) . I willed myself NOT to order the chocolate variant for me to appreciate other flavors as well so I opted for the strawberry shake. Im not a big fan of strawberry-flavored drinks  but I gave it a whirl anyway. Maybe, i'd like their own version of the drink. It was served in a tall glass and it looked like it has generous amount in it. The excess of the drink was given in a separate container. The consistency was UNBELIEVABLY thick, making it hard for me to suck it up the straw. I also didnt like that it was too foamy and sweet. I tried to finish it because twas costly, but I just couldn't

The Original Hamburger (280 pesos) 
Johhny Rockets hamburger consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, chopped onions, fresh pickle, mustard, mayonnaise and fries as its side dishYou have the choice to upgrade the side dish to  unlimited fries or onion rings, you just have to add 60 pesos. We went along with the onion rings.

The burger however, was smaller than what we had anticipated, the patty wasnt juicy AT ALL, we eventually grew tired of chewing it.  And the bread ohmygee, it looked like twas just reheated. It didnt seem like anything near fresh! The onion rings tasted HEAVENLY at first, but after 4-5 pieces, we got fed up and suddenly lost appetite for some ( i couldnt explain ) reason. The breading and dip were lifesavers.

Hamburger Steak (225 pesos) The meal was tummy-filling but NOT mouth-watering. Another relatively dry patty. In fact, I enjoy Jollibee's burger steak better than this.   

Servers doing their dancing routine in the middle of our meal consumption. VERY entertaining indeed.

We payed a total of 975 pesos for our Johnny Rockets experience.

Johhny Rockets needs to up its game when it comes to their food considering that they price their meals quite expensively and the many good competitors around. We actually felt sorry for our wallets because it was considerably, an extravagant food trip and we were not a whit, satisfied. 

LOVE THE AMBIANCE. Great Place. Lovely crew. BLAH food.

Till next time!

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