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Friday, February 28, 2014

Quickbites: Bon Chon's Ko-yo and Crepe

Today was a complete waste of time and money and effort.

We were waiting for a reply from our Abnormal Psychology professor yesterday evening to know if we're gonna have classes the following day (which is today!) since she mentioned last meeting that she will be in Baguio by Friday. All of us were pretty damn sure we wont be carrying our arse off to school today but unfortunately, the class president announced this morning, that Ma'am Maxino replied wanting us to know that she will be present and that we're gonna have make up classes today. We were kinda dumbfounded at the announcement because we had a makeup class just recently. And by that make-up class, we were able to catch up with the other sections.
As much as we had conditioned ourselves to not go to school already, we have no choice so we did. Thirty minutes passed, an hour passed, an hour and a half passed and still no Ma'am Maxino appeared. Even the class president, herself was nowhere to be found.

Apparently, after some time, the president showed up not wearing her uniform. And that's it, we knew she lied. hahaha. We really didnt have classes today. We tried to approach and ask her what the problem was but she just cried and walked out of the room. Many of my blockmates went mad ( I mean irritated) because they commute all the way from their provinces just to be at school. Even I got a bit irritated ( even though I just live in Pasig) because who doesnt want a break from school works and stuff right?

My friends and I decided to go and cool ourselves down at SM centerpoint. I wasnt in the mood for a full meal today so we went looking for a yogurt station. We passed by BonChon and I was thrilled to see that they actually have yogurt i their menu!. I didnt know! They call their yogurts Ko-yo (Korean Yogurt) which is available in regular (70 pesos) and mini cups (35 pesos). I was about to order  a regular cup already when I was offered one of the newest variety of the Crispy Crepe Ko-yo a la Mode (Crepe +_Yogurt), the Strawberry Chocolate Crispy Crepe, 80 pesos.  I find this very cheap so I ordered for it instead.

I'm a particularly impatient person most especially when it comes to food. Serving the crepe and yogurt took a bit of time my stomach started making weird noises.

sorry for the low-quality shot, didnt bring my cam at the time

Everything about this dessert was almost perfect! The crispy crepe was very satisfying. It was indeed crispy! What I loved most about it was the generous filling. By the look of it, I never knew this could contain such enormous amount of strawberry filling. The sweetness of the strawberry jam combined with the touch of chocolate was overwhelming and I love it! Though this may be too sweet for some.

The yogurt on the other hand was a classic one, my all time favorite. Just a little bit of yogurt in my system erases all the bad vibes instantly! Its tangy taste sent me to a culinary orgasm and food coma all at once! Too bad it came in a little scoop only. I just wish it were served in a larger amount so as to adequately balance the sweetness of the crepe.

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