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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our friendship in black and white - A Photo Diary 💋

Seniors' Business Fair
Balagtasan Days
Hindi ko rin alam sis kung bakit kailangan nating magpose ng mga ganito.  
Remember this purple sisiw we named after Michael sis? Nilagyan natin siya ng tape para di siya makahinga. Kung naaalala mo sabay tayong nangarap na palakihin siya hanggang maging manok siya. Too bad, namatay siya after 2 days. :(
Fave pic  <3
Battle of the Bands
Last Prom
Graduation practice days
Farewell Party ??
Last day
Graduation Day
my 18th bday!
“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”

Hi sis. Happy Birthday! I couldnt think of other creative ways to greet you on your special day but this. And because posting collage on fb is too mainstream, I thought it'd  be nice to write a photo diary blog post dedicated to youu. This is to honor (lol honor talaga) our friendship of more than three years now. A camaraderie that is relatively short compared to that of other companionships' out there.  Assuredly, we both know that this doesnt make our's any less awesome. As what I told you the moment we became friends, I felt like we've known each other for years already. I ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY COULDNT IMAGINE MYSELF NOW HADN'T WE BECAME CLASSMATES the last year of highschool. 

I was searching for a quote that will best suit how I see our relationship and this one above came up, summing up everything.
I have always been very open and vocal about how much I love you  and how much I treasure our friendship. Clearly then, I'll never get tired of being cheesy because you're that special. I'll never get tired of telling you that you literally changed my life. I thank you for always being there, for always asking me about my day  and  for always updating me with your undertakings as we sporadically see each other nowadays. Thank you for being cool about everything and for making light of every situation. You're a therapy I always seek out.  I, together with a whole lot of your other friends, am blessed to have you as a friend. 
We may not be enjoying ourselves together as much as we would love to but I know (and I know that you know) that we are  in each others' hearts round-the-clock, that we're never gonna be alone because there will always be someone somewhere, putting her own shit together,  to love me/you unconditionally and who's willing to share in my/your moments of pain and happiness. <3 <3 <3

 Love, your awesomest sister-from-a-different mother,

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  1. sis my loves so sweet i really miss you date tayo i really love you and you will always be my number one in my heart and there's a hole in my heart right now that only you can fill it. i love you so muchy much and super thank you sa pakikinig saken. sa pagintindi ng busy sched ko kahit nahihirapan tayo magplano ng gala naten. we're not always together pero alam mo yung feeling na pag magkasama tayo parang hindi naman talaga tayo nagkalayo, parang hindi talaga tayo nahiwalay sa isa't isa at napupuna agad yung pagkamiss ko sayo hang out na this week!!!!! haha i love you so so much you're my sis, my whole other half, my partner in life, my kaiyakan buddies, ka tawanan best friend, really i couldn't imagine life without you being in my most vulnerable times during highschool i love you a lot, really. I'll never get tired of reminding you how much i love you because it's true. I LOVE YOU SIS THANK YOU FOR COMING INTO MY LIFE <3