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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A cheap but tummy-filling supper at Rufo's!

 St. Pio's chapel usually, is able to accommodate all the churchgoers on a normal day since aside from the church proper, they also have seats outside as well as a number of rooms around the vicinity; each area has their respective speakers and TV screens showing the presiding priest and the main altar. But NOT TODAY. The place was seething with people. We were left standing outside, skin to skin with other churchgoers.

on our way to the impositioning of ashes

Today, I was with mum and Kevin. This was mum's first time at St. Pio. After the mass, she volunteered to treat us dinner at somewhere relatively cheaper. So we dined in at Rufo's Famous Tapa.

Rufo's branch in Eastwood City is located at City Walk 1. This food joint gave me the impression of an American fastfood. Maybe because of the dominating colors: red and blue. It somehow reminded me of USA's flag hahaha. But really, Rufo's is famous for its tapa, a typical breakfast favorite here in the Philippines. It has been in the business for about 30 years catering Pinoy comfort foods.

They have quite a small area inside. Good thing, they have tables and chairs set outside.

Their walls were accentuated by simple pendant lamps and long-winged ceiling fans. Large frames of their meals were posted all over the walls. Hanging on a post was a flat screen showing the list of songs playing. Even the songs played, were very much Filipino ranging from popular Pinoy band songs to love songs.

Rufo's Menu

The meals offered in their menu were all typical of a Pinoy's everyday meal. It felt like dining in a carinderia made fancier.  Considering the price range, I didnt expect much, as long as I stuff my empty stomach. Aside from these, Rufo's also serves local beers, alcohol and cigarettes.

After a long contemplation on the foods we were to order, we didnt know what to do next (considering t'was our first time here) AND there were no personnel approaching us (aside from the fact that were few waiters and waitresses), so we thought, maybe we should pay at the counter. Kevin and I stood up and looked around. There was only a take-out counter. Finally, a waiter saw us and instructed us to go back to our seats (what a shame! hahaha.)  A waitress approached us shortly thereafter. Gladly, she was patient enough to wait while we again debated on our orders :)

It took a long time before the foods were served. A downside for me.

And finally, our orders:

Bottomless Lipton Iced tea ( 37 pesos) for Kevin, an Orange juice for me (30 pesos) and a glass of water for mummeh. 

For my meal, I had Liempo (146 pesos) This meal consisted of fried rice, chicharon, atsara and of course the Liempo. The Liempo was so long, it would make another meal already. :)) 

Kevin ordered for Rufo's Famous Tapa ( 108 pesos ), a meal consisting of fried rice, fried egg and obviously tapa. Its tapa came in a small serving only we thought it wouldnt be enough. But upon tasting it, it was so yummy and tasty, Kevin fought the urge to order for another serving of rice. The meal's tagline "Sauce pa lang ulam na!" (or sarsa* I forgot haha) was very much justified! I wished I ordered for it too :(

Mum, being the health conscious one, ordered for Chopsuey ( 76 pesos) and a plain rice (14 pesos). It was super yummy as well. Well-seasoned and all.

After finishing the main course, we all felt so full. The meals were very familiar and satisfying at a relatively cheaper price. I almost felt like I was home.  BUT, we're not yet donee. Here comes the sweet tooth satisfaction part.

Creamy Fruit Fiesta ( 36 pesos)

Leche Flan (39 pesos)

Black Sambo (36 pesos)

Their desserts were cheaply priced as well considering the fact that they were small in size. I could compare their size to that of mashed potatoes' container at jollibee. :)) The fruit fiesta was (i think) 80 percent crushed grahams and was too sweet for my liking. Their lechen flan was yummy but I like Black Sambo best, t'was basically a two layer of gelatin. I like that it wasnt that sweet.

Our dine at Rufo's only costed us 522 pesos. 
So if you're looking for some relatively cheaper but tummy-filling place to dine in, go to Rufo's and fill your stomach with Pinoy comfort meals.

Till next time !

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