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Saturday, March 8, 2014

SaturdayFoodTwippin#3 : Cooling down at Swensen's

Summer's fast-approaching and the BLOODY HEAT is astoundingly sweltering. Wandering around Manila felt like being roasted alive, it almost became unbearable. So after meeting up with Kevin , we decided to cool ourselves down at Swensen's 

Swensen's is an ice cream store that originated from San Francisco and eventually branched out to foreign countries (including the Philppines) delivering ice creams and frozen desserts of  best quality and value to their customer's money. 
Swensen's branch in Eastwood is located on the second floor of Eastwood Mall. They have chairs and tables set outside at both sides of the entrance if you want an al fresco ambiance.

Upon entering their glass wall, I was taken aback by their wide and inviting counter. I love the combination of reds, whites and oranges. The different flavors of ice cream were also displayed on the counter.

We seated on a couch at the far corner of the store for a more private and comfortable eating. The inside was slightly cramped which i didn't mind at all.  They have very bright lightings perfectly complementing the combination of colors red and white in the background.  

They have a number of beautifully-framed frozen desserts on their walls. Just looking at those made my mouth water, I immediately began deciding what to order.

I freakingly wanted to buy everything on their menu! but then again we cant have it all hahah. 

Waffle Sundae (175 pesos) consisted of two waffles with chocolate, banana slices and a scoop of sundae with whipped cream and cherry on top. Upon being served, the waffle was still fresh from where it was made/cooked whatev. Kevin, at the end of his dessert felt full and satisfied. He enjoyed the waffle very much. T'was the best thing about this dessert he said.

He enjoyed and I actually despised (sort of, not really haha ) him for that because I didnt! Not that i wasnt satisfied with the taste and all but rather because I DIDNT GET ENOUGH of my sundae indulgence! I chose a cheaper dessert first because I thought we're gonna have the Fondue for 2 (340 pesos) later on with the expense to be shared by both of us. Only to find out that he ran out of money, telling me after I already ordered Chewy Chocky. What a stupid son of a bitch. hahaha If i only knew I would have ordered a larger one.

Anyway, I got..

The cherries are chocolate-dipped

Chewy Chocky Fancy (138 pesos).  One of the smallest desserts. A scoop of chocolate ice cream swimming in chocolate syrup (I suppose) with whipped cream and cherry on top and a wafer on the side. This drove everything in me into madness because everything was perfect. It reminded of gelato because of its thick consistency. This explained why it was named chewy chocy fancy. Even the wafer, was awesome.

We were given a tiny glass of chocolate syrup. We weren't  exactly sure if this went with the waffle sundae  or with my chewy choco fancy. I gave it to Kevin anyway for his waffle since I was already overloaded with chocolate.

Before I forgot, another thing I fancied about this place was their artsy glasses. It was super duper cute, I willed myself not to purchase it. (cos im broke everyday of my life). They sell it for only 200 pesos.

I will come back for my fondue. There's no way i wouldnt!

2/F Veranda, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon CityMetro Manila,Philippines

G/F Southwing, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay CityMetro Manila,Philippines

Going down the mall, getting attention from people were these two huge super cuteee chow chows! (they're chow chow right?)  They were like alive stuffed toys hihi. The owner was so nice to even encourage us to take photos WITH his pets.  Apparently, I was too scared because I heard chow chows are biters. :( 

Till next time!

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