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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All for the Love of Desserts! Love Desserts!

The instant we heard about Love Desserts, Jowie, Bianca, Darlene (le college buddies) and I , without any second thoughts, marked our calendars for a visit to the said desserts house. The fact that we're gonna be piggin out as much as we'd like with sweets for only 199 pesos left us all enchanted.

We planned on going to Love Dessers after our Anaphy class (our only subject for the day) because we still have one exam left. All the four of us wanted to get this over with as soon as possible because our excitement was killing us! Fatefully, Mam was late for how many minutes ( or hours?). She's also the storyteller kind (in a good way though) of professor so it took time before we started with the test. In addition to that, we checked our papers as well as four LONGGG sets of activities. The class ended with me already dead hungry and bloody infuriated lol. Anyway, we tugged Val along with us so we'd have somebody to pick on.  HAHA jk. but seriously because he's a very sport guy and is so fun to be with.

We took a cab coz we didnt know exactly where in Banawe, QC, Love Desserts is located. Alas Kuya driver didnt know either! He said Banawe is such a long street. Luckily, we spotted it easily.

Considering how large and brightly colored its name plastered just above the entrance is, there's no way you wouldnt see it.

 We arrived at the place around three in the afternoon and were given only two hours to make our tummies happy! According to friends, this is to accommodate the influx of customers from around the area and the surrounding cities. Lucky enough, there werent any customers yet waiting outside upon our arrival. Twas one lucky day! wohoo

It was very small and crowded inside making it impossible to move without bumping on to something/someone.

Artsy pictures of goodies all over the walls
The Crepe and Ice Cream counter
Crepe Burner

Different toppings for your ice cream of choice

 Halo-halo's various ingredients

The cakes and pastries counter
Shot Glass Desserts

          Fruits, salads and condiments

Eating time!

Blueberry Crepe
What I was fondly anticipating for the past days was their crepe because it looked so yummy in pictures. I decided to devour on it first. I saw four flavors for the filling: strawberry, banana, mango and blue-berry. I resolve to taking the blueberry-filled crepe. Ironically, of all the confectioneries, I didn't like it the most. Everything about it tasted funny: the chocolate syrup, the filling and the crepe itself. I actually couldn't bring myself to take another bite. I felt like I was gonna throw up, seriously. My friends didn't like it either. Twas plain rubbish in my opinion.

Shot Glass Dessert-Tiramisu
There were three kinds available at the time. In all fairness, all were flavorful and sumptuous. My favorite was Tiramisu. The only downside was the consistency of the cream. It has a coarse and somewhat grainy texture though I didnt really pay any mind to it. I wouldnt notice it had not Jowie made a face lol.

 Iced Tea
This was a lifesaver. Some kind of lemon or calamansi iced tea i guess. We were starting to feel bloated from too much sweetness, we reached for the drinks. Their iced tea helped a lot in diminishing all the saccharine taste going on all over our mouths and at the same time enabled us to take  another few rounds of delectables. The most toothsome iced tea I've tasted yet as well. Other drinks include milk tea and coffee.

 The cakes were okay. Even so, not the most appetizing cakes I'd discerned.

Ice creams
And then the ice creams! OMG the best thing about the place. All of us agreed that these were the most savory among the delectables. UGH every spoonful was orgasmic. I had the coffee, salted caramel, strawberry and bubblegum flavors.

What is UMAY? hahahhah

Salad and Singkamas with Bagoong for a change lol. I never thought it'd be possible to feel drunk from consuming desserts because that was exactly what we felt after about an hour and a half hahah. We were already feeling dizzy so we started munching on something salty and sour. They have two kinds of salad, fruit salad and this one in the picture. Not sure what this is called but it was deli.

Left to Right : Bianca, me, Jowie, Darlene
A barkada date wouldnt be complete without camera whoring ^^

  The crew began loading cakes in their refrigerators few minutes before we left the place.

Before vacating the place, we made sure we leave a memory of our experience here at Love desserts on their message boards <3

 I forgot to tell you guis, people began pouring outside as we were enjoying ourselves inside. This place surely attracts a hell lot of customers.

At first, i thought giving us limited time to enjoy their eat-all-you-can desserts wouldnt be enough. But as it turned out, the overwhelming glucose itself  drifting in our blood kicked our arses out of the cafe in no time. Will I come back? Probably no, I guess. I mean, not anytime sooner. The sugar rush was insane! hahah. But this is a place EVERYBODY should visit. Your 200 pesos'll be all worth it. <3

  For those who want to try the Love desserts experience, it is situated beside the Z Mall and is near Ace Waters Spa's branch in QC.

Love Desserts
915 Banawe cor. Del Monte Avenue, Quezon City
Open Mondays to Sundays from 11am to 11pm
For inquiries/reservations, contact 239-0745

Going home, Bianca and I took a jeepney ride to Munoz and then a bus going to Boni. We were supposed to alight at Robinsons Galleria, apparently we made it all the way to Boni. So from Boni, we walked till Crossings' Jeepney Terminal. The last time I went to Crossings was ages ago. I was surprised to see lots of restaurants already lining up the place. It has now become a tambayan and eating destination among teens and young adults. I may have to try out some good foods there sometime :DD 

Loooong lines of passengers were awaiting us at the Jeepney station. I couldnt afford to wait and stand for hours. I just wanted to go home! We further walked till the corner of Philusa Corp where Pasig palengke-bound jeepneys pass. The passing jeepneys in no luck, were all full.
We walked and walked and walked till to our surprise, we had reached rotonda already. What the F right?

All for the love of desserts.
Till next time!

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