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Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Summary - An almost perfect day. Almost

 ❤ Gran brought home some goodies from her 3-day trip to Singapore with her friends and sister, including a bunch of chocolates, coffee, bags, foods, clothes and perfumes. Soo blissed out to have a new addition to my perfume collection! Happy kiddo.
❤ Tagged Drew along with me to withdraw some cash for today's pouring of money down the drain mehe. I was positive I'm gonna be spending like a sailor today.
❤ I met up with Arma (le bestfriend) at Starbucks Capitol Commons at around 2:30 pm for a catch-up. I was nonplussed that SB's branch here at Capitol Commons isn't as large as what it looks on the outside. 
I wanted a real, decent meal to fill me up since I didn't eat lunch before leaving home but apparently, Capitol Commons seems to be indifferent at the thought of a cheap fast-food joint within its vicinity. Besides, t'was preposterously hot outside, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. So I settled for a frappuccino and a donut instead. ugh. Arma, meanwhile had already finished a tea and a coffee when I arrived haha.
❤ At 5 pm, we arrived at the Regent Spa, located at the second floor of Ace Building. Arma and I got so giddy, bobbing up and down at the sight of the spa house. We moved towards the door animatedly, about to take pictures of each other in front of their elegant entrance when I realized that my camera didn't have the memory card in it. Just then this supposedly perfect day isn't anymore. Like pshhhhhh! It's so frustrating when I forget something at home especially if I'm about to have a good time. Neither of us have smart phones so there was really nothing else we could do. I tried to push the thwarting thought outta my mind and enjoy this night and I did! The place and service were so nice, it wasn't an option to whine.

I do not own this photo. Grabbed from Regent Spa, Kapitolyo Facebook Account
❤ After about two hours, we left the joint feeling refreshed and anew. We had a light dinner at the nearby Shakey's, just outside Kapitolyo and stayed there for another two hours.
❤ I was so tired and beaten up (in a good way) from this frazzling day, that I plopped myself down my bed and indulge in my most relaxed sleep yet.


  1. Oh very cute pics!

  2. Hahahahaha sis super cute and funny blog entry <3

  3. Hahahahaha sis super cute and funny blog entry <3