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Friday, May 23, 2014

The One (The Selection #3) by Kierra Cass Book Review

 "The highly anticipated conclusion to Kiera Cass's #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series, The One will captivate readers who love dystopian YA fiction and fairy tales. The One is the perfect finale for fans who have followed America's whirlwind romance since it began--and a swoon-worthy read for teens who have devoured Veronica Roth's Divergent, Ally Condie's Matched, or Lauren Oliver's Delirium.
The Selection changed America Singer's life in ways she never could have imagined. Since she entered the competition to become the next princess of Illéa, America has struggled with her feelings for her first love, Aspen--and her growing attraction to Prince Maxon. Now she's made her choice . . . and she's prepared to fight for the future she wants.

Find out who America will choose in The One, the enchanting, beautifully romantic third book in the Selection series!" - Goodreads

The One 
by Kierra Cass

It has been over two weeks since I finished this awe-inspiring blockbuster and thenceforward I can't seem to start a new one! I tried reading few novels already but I just can't go on with anything! Guess I haven't had book hangover for quite some time. I have rhapsodized over a number of good books I've read this summer but this is the only one I had hangover with since uhmm.... ugh can't even remember.
The One is the third and final book in the Selection series and as soon as it was released I read it right away. I've been biting the bullet for this and when I finished it I swear I was staring out in the empty for like half an hour. I was happy and sad at once. Actually, I didn't know what my feelings were doing to me then. I until now, can't believe it's over.

The first two books went very well obviously, making them bestsellers. The story centered on Illea and the Selection, the competition between the girls, Maxon and America's budding relationship, the love triangle etc etc. Whereas, The One's packed and heavy with twists, history and revelations. The political side of the story was uncovered and emphasized. As the last book in a smash series, it draws a profusion of expectations and can be sooo daunting. It's like your fate depends on it, whether you'll be tearing the book into millions of pieces with a face like a wet week-end or be dancing on cloud nine. And that's exactly the reason why this book is pure loooove. It ends with a satisfying conclusion just like what everybody's hoping for THOUGH Kierra still made it sure to sweat readers out from anticipation all the way until the very last pages. Cass did a fantastic job kicking readers' heart rates up a dozen notches in so much anxiety about who's gonna be Maxon's happily ever after like I swear I had tachycardia towards the last quarter because man up til then, I still haven't got a clue.  And so as it ends I say a silent hallelujah! Had Kierra ended it otherwise? I'll be damned for sure.

As to the characters, America still got me shouting at the book for being so unyielding, stubborn and stupid at times when it comes to Maxon and for being so hard on him mygawd -.- However, I also believe this positively augment the anxiety and suspense in their love story. The progress with America as she became certain with what she feels both towards Maxon and Aspen and the life she wants was gladdening nonetheless. Her bullheadedness definitely helped her do what she believes is right even if it'd mean the King in her way. I was also nervous as hell as to when Aspen and America will finally be caught with all those sneaking around and secret meetings because they cant just slip like that forever!  As one in Team Maxon, Aspen really got on my nerves. The change of heart in the other girls is also warming. Lucy's fate surprised me, I didn't see that comin y'all.

The trilogy isn't as creative and advanced in terms of storyline in comparison to other dystopian novels. It's in fact a royal and book version of the reality show, The Bachelor, but it draws readers to the story and get them lost in it making it deserving of 5 noble stars. What more can you ask for in a book than a hangover ayt? It ends beautifully and rightfully leaving readers with a smile of satisfaction and an empty hole in the stomach for having to go back to reality mehe <3

Favorite Quote:

“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times if you like. It was only ever yours to break anyway.” Maxon to America

THIS. BROKE. MY. HEART. dem feeeels~


  1. Great book review,following you and thank you for visiting my blog!

  2. Sounds like a great read and i love that quote!

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    1. Thanks for the recommendation need to check it out.

  4. Ooh my gosh that quote. I love it. (and so applicable to my life right now haha)
    will need to check this out! xx

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  5. That quote is my favorite too. I love to read as well.

  6. Mejo di ako maka-relate sa book hehe. Female readers lang yata mostly ang target market ng book na ito hehe.

    Nice mini review btw Yani :)
    I'll ask my sister kung alam nya ang book na ito.

  7. Thanks for the review! Haven't read this yet, but I think I'll check them out once I'm done reading "The Farm" by Emily McKay.

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    I have seen this series before and it looks very interesting!!

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  12. Kierra Cass is one of my all time fave author!! I'm still reading the ellite and would probably read the one too to the soonest!!

    Midnight Blues

  13. they look like a great book to read
    I will keep an eye on the series

  14. Oh, I didn't know about it! It seems to be very good and the photo chosen is really romantic and sweet! I loved the lines about "Break my heart..." Isn't it true? By breaking someone's heart, that belongs to someone... the person is doing harm to him/herself as well... great post! I love the song on your blog!

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  18. Books that I would love to have:)
    About the quote, I don't know if I have a heart to be broken many times:)

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