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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Chili's is an all-American casual diner and has always been a favorite among families and friends because of savory foods and quality service. So for my birthday, we decided to satisfy our my unquenchable appetite at Chili's.

Chili's chock-full every time considering their eminence so don't raise your eyebrows if you find yourself in the waiting line. At any rate, the staff's attentive and hospitable and all smiles you wouldn't really mind. They seem so genuinely nice that I didn't hesitate to talk to them or ask for assistance. And one thing almost impossible to miss is the fact that the waiters/waitresses and hostesses are all good-looking! That's a plus again! hahaha  Kidding aside, they offer the best service ever. T'was like every single person in their team asked me if the foods were okay, if the service was okay, if we needed anything else and blah blah blah. They also handed us a piece of paper for feedback and comments. Very nice.





 Special chocolate frosting blended with Vanilla Ice cream and milk

This smoothie was literally a melted ice cream. My soul cannot restrain to feel like they should transfer this from the beverages section to the desserts'. It has very thick consistency and I didn't perceive any crushed ice in it. Correct me if I'm wrong but a smoothie's a combination of crushed ice and ice cream ayt? hahaha. I absolutely slobbered on it though it wasn't really what I'd expected it to be.

 Their bottomless beverages are iced teas, lemonade and fountain drinks. We opted for an iced tea.


For the fruit mists, you can choose among: ripe mango,watermelon, dalandan and cantaloupe. Mango always sounds great so.

tostada chips
cheese dip
Cheese dip with seasoned beef. Served with warm tostada chips

Yummiest cheese dip evaa! Just the perfect snack. And the best thing about this is it also came with another bag of chips that we got to take home. Cool beanssss.

Chicken Crispers

Egg roll
Buffalo Wings
 A combo of the three favorite appetizers. generous portions of Chicken Crispers, Wings over Buffalo and Southwestern egg rolls with sauces for dipping.

Triple dipper's the sweetheart in the bunch. Obviously, this was the most belly filling and each of the appetizers were ambrosial. The chicken crispers were the best ughhh most especially when dipped to the sauce, just heavenlyy. The wings were oh so good as well but they were spicey so I had to drink every now and then. I certainly don't have strong tolerance for spices.

Amid the three appetizers were three different dips. (Not so sure what each one is called) Thumbs up to these dips, they made the appetizers more delicious than eva. ~drools~

A traditional club sandwhich with a kick, stacked high with grilled chicken, topped with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and mustard dressing.

The cajun club sandwhich was served in four slices and was surrounded with homestyle fries. This isn't the best-tasting club sandwhich I've tried. T'was too dry for my liking. I want my sandwhich dripping with dressing lol. and considering the chicken and bacon in it, I believe it's just rightful to spoil and pimp it with enough dressing.



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