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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jamba Juice, Cafe Bene, Fail Mom's day gift

  I may be a little late for gift hunting for Mom's day but it's better late than never. I went out with Arma to buy presents for both Mom and Gran and to stuff our tummy silly.

We had dinner at Bon Chon first and devoured on our favorite fried chicken ever. Then head over to Bench for a quick and impulsive purchasing of gifts.

 I ended up buying a blouse for Gran and a little body spray for my Mom.

This floral blouse with kerubin designs easily caught my eye and right there and then a smile tugged at the corner of my mouth as it dawned on me that this would be the perfect top for my granny. It looks very regal and fancy. The fabric's silky, reminding me of the Chinese traditional clothing. I even thought of buying similar one for myself. I was a bit skeptical with the size. I really suck at choosing the right size when I pick clothes for others. I got it in medium anyway.
Unbelievably stupid of me, the top was way too small for Gran. How come I didn't know this wouldn't fit her. Sucks ass. I might have to return it soon for a replacement.

 On the other hand, Mom was pleased with this little body spray I bought for her. I myself, really wanted this as I'm in love with any green tea scent. It's just so refreshing and mild. I just hope it comes in a larger size as well. For a body spray, this is definitely small.

We haven't tried Jamba Juice yet and I don't have any idea what they offer aside from a hint of some kind of drinks. My stomach does a little hoola performance at the sight of their menu. YOGURT EVERYWHERE! Their menu's mostly fruit and yogurt smoothies, yogurt parfait, oats and some bread though they do not have wide selection of baked goods. I wanted something solid but the few pastries offered me very limited choice. I settled for a yogurt parfait.


Banana Berry Smoothie Medium

Thumbs up for this healthy drink. The yogurt, berries and bananas go along well inside my mouth. Yummy!

Chunky Stawberry Topper Yogurt Parfait, Regular

Slobbered over this delish yogurt layered with banana slices, strawberry chunks, some cereals and peanut butter.

Chillin at Jamba Juice's al fresco area.

Change location: Cafe Bene
Dolce de Leche Gelato

Caramel Banana Waffle
You know what. Cafe Bene's breads and pastries are sinful! (But I like sinful so <3 hahaha) This one's glazed with a lot of syrup and whipped cream. Wew. I'm pretty sure this waffle's a bit smaller for the price but I couldn't blame them, it was soooo sweet, like overwhelmingly sweet that you would regret desiring it larger. Be sure to have a glass of water by your side haha. The waffle on the downside, tasted quite flour-ish for my liking.



  1. Is better late than never mom are very understanding. I like how you chill at a healthy place to snack you look very pretty doll.

  2. Jamba Juicceee! I will try it next time when I'm in Manila. Good food! :) Anyway, I like the shirt! :) Ive been looking for a shirt like that :) Great photos! :)

    Jewel Clicks

  3. Omg that floral tee is sooo cute :)

    xx Mira

  4. sis bat yan yung pinili mong picture? haha parang ang ayos ng muka ko masyado

  5. Yummyyyyy! I wanna try Jamba's Yogurt. :) Happy Mother's Day to your Mom (Belated)

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  6. Jamba juice is delicious, haha I love yogurt :D and the shirt you got in the first pic is so cute!

  7. The floral top is very pretty and that body spray sounds lovely.
    Italian Soles and Fashion Tales

  8. Bigla ko nga naisip yung parang pang chinese yung sa blouse ng lola mo. It's ok sis... for sure ang happy ng lola mo sa gift mo and ung mom mo rin syrepre :))..

    Gustong gusto ko ang yogurt <3 shucks sis... it's already 3:21 am and bigla akong nag craveeee... oh no haha.. esp dun sa dolce de leche gelatto and yung sa whipped cream grabe..

    ANG GANDA NIYO SIS <3 <3 <3

  9. Such a cute top you got her, and I love the look of that smoothie ;) xo

  10. Always happens to me too! I find it so hard to buy clothes for other people because I always end up with the wrong size :( Hahaha! Pero okay lang yan. It's the thought that counts naman eh :) And you can exchange it right? :) Haha.

    Nice photos btw! The waffle looks yummmm! <3

  11. Lovely floral tee :) smoothie seems to be so yummy..Feeling hungry :)

  12. Such a pretty floral top..Loved it.

  13. Great choice for that floral tee! I love jamba juice! This making me crave for banana berrie smoothie aghh! ♥


  14. You have a fantastic blog!! Loved it! <3

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  15. Hi Yani :)

    Gusto ko rin matikman yung banana berry smoothie. Sakto ngayon yan sa summer.

    And salamat din pala sa pagbisita at kumento sa aking blog. Added you up on Google+
    Na-add ko na rin tong blog mo sa Blog reading list ko.

    Glad to have met a fellow "PUPian" blogger like you ^_^

  16. The pictures of those foods made me drool. Ahh, if only there's Cafe Bene near my place that would be my to-go hang-out place.

    Have a great week ahead!

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    You'll surely love the items they have in store for you. :)


  17. That's a fabulous blouse you bought for your gran. I agree, it looks very regal. I love the print! <3

    Jamba Juice is great. I love that all of the options are healthy :)

  18. Jamba Juice offers reeaally refreshing drinks and i soo love them. Your granny's blouse is so gorg i could have one of that for my momma. I joined your site and hoping you will on mine!! ♥

    Midnight Blues

    1. i just joined your site pretty! love your blog <3

  19. Love the floral tee!!!!

  20. DAYUM this post made me hungry!! Cafe Bene`s doe >
    Oh and I had Jamba Juice once and I swear, it filled me like I ate a full meal! Kinda sad that it`s kind of expensive though. Prices aren`t reasonable enough.. Thanks for dropping by my blog, babe! Let`s keep in touch :)

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

    1. HAHAHAH i absolutely agree! that was exactly what jamba juice did to me! Followed you on bloglovin'

      kisses ^^

  21. oh gosh! nagutom talaga ako sa Caramel Banana Waffle! hehe :)

  22. The presents look really nice and OMG the Caramel Banana Waffle! HNNNGGG It does look really sinful, considering that I'm on a diet so I'd take the Chunky Stawberry Topper Yogurt Parfait instead :p

    Take care!

  23. It's always better late than never to do something. At the end, you still did something, haha. The blouse looks really fancy and traditional! Silk reminds me of Chinese traditional clothing too! Hopefully you can get a replacement shirt :/. At least your mom liked the body spray :). It sounds like you had fun going to these dessert outings! The banana waffle looks delicious!

  24. I love green tea's scent, too. May I know the price of that body spray? Their waffle equates to more calories. :D

    1. that body spray veru affordable price at around 160 pesos only. hahha oh yes my bad. that waffle's way sinful! hahaha